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L2 Technologies

August 11, 2007

I noticed a few people visiting this site were searching for L2 Technologies, a local Apple Dealer, and Apple Authorized Repair Center for both warranty service, and out-of-warranty service. Here is their contact information:

L2 Technologies
3874 Savannah Hwy, Unit 8
Johns Island, SC 29455

If you are looking for them, you must head down Highway 17 South, and pass Bee's Ferry Road. They will be on the right in a small strip mall about 500 yards past Bee's Ferry Road as you head south.

Use them if you need repairs, or are looking to buy new Apple computers and accessories.

My Own Plug: If you are looking for troubleshooting help, or advice without the pressure of sales, you can contact my company, Computer Consultants Group, Inc. We specialize in supporting Macintosh computers, Mac OS X, Windows and Unix; and we do not sell products, so our advice is unbiased by vendor relationships.

Computer Consultants Group, Inc.
(843) 722-7607
email at ccgnet.com

Apple Please Give Me Text Selection

August 11, 2007

The list of things people want on the iPhone is l o n g, but most of them are things that I really can live without. For instance, no voice-dialing; I only ever used this for primary contacts, and the Favorites feature more than makes up for this for me.

However, not being able to select text and copy-and-paste is killing me. There are a number of times when I am composing an email, and need to delete entire blocks of text, or at least rearrange blocks of text. This is normal stuff people. Give us text selection.

The other place I find the lack of text selection annoying is surfing. Often I'll come across a comment entry on a website where they put a URL in the text, but it's not a link. Normally I would just select this, then copy and paste it into the address bar. But I can't do this on the iPhone.

I hope Apple is hearing this one, because it is a huge productivity killer, and a gap that must be filled on the iPhone.